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Economy Bus/MiniVan - Tryall Club

Private Economy Bus/MiniVan - Tryall Club ?

  • Max 20 people
    per vehicle

  • Pick-up date
    November 30, 2023

  • Pick-up time
    12:00 am

$ 60
1 - 4 Persons select

Economy Bus/MiniVan – Tryall Club

All our economy buses or minivans are comfortable with modern features you will enjoy. Based on the number of persons, we will dispatched the most appropriate vehicle for your comfort.

MAIN FEATURES: Air Condition | Music | Television | Padded Seats.

DRIVERS: All drivers are above the age of 25 years old and are certified professional drivers.

INSURANCE & LICENCING: Vehicles are fully insured to cover injuries and licensed under the Transport Authority of Jamaica, Jamaica Tourist Board and a Member of Transportation Association.