Historic Falmouth & Doctor’s Cave Beach Private Tour

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Experience the town of Falmouth by going back in time through a grid of streets named for British royalty and heroes. Falmouth, Jamaica is full of rich culture and heritage. There are many key landmarks and architectural treasures to be seen. One of the best ways to see these landmarks and truly experience Historic Falmouth, old and new, is by taking the Falmouth Heritage Walks Tour. This guided tour will give you a glimpse of Falmouth, Jamaica?s rich and storied past.

After leaving Falmouth, we head for Doctor’s Cave Beach – one of the most popular beachs in Jamaica. It is known for its healing properties and white sand beach. The water which is crystal clear has a temperature range, winter and summer from 78 to 84 degrees Fahrenheit, 22 to 28 Celsius.

Doctor Cave Beach was published in the 1920’s by Sir Herbert Barker, a famous British Osteopath declaring that the waters have curative powers and that he was restored to good health after bathing there. It is said the waters could cure several ailments.


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